Global transportation energy demand is expected to grow by 100 EJ (~ 100 Quad) by 2050. Emerging economies such as China, India and Indonesia will be responsible for a substantial part of this growth in the future and have an opportunity to leapfrog to a clean transportation future. Transportation research projects in the IES Group focus on developing various tools and modeling, analysis and design capacities to address the growing and complex needs of transportation systems with conventional, hybrid-electric and pure electric vehicles.

Recent Work

In partnership with Streetlight Data, our group is developing the MoSTrans Sensing Platform to procure detailed data on transportation systems and behavior from developing countries at very low cost. This includes data such as instantaneous speed, real-world fuel economy, acceleration, GPS-location, origin and destination.

MoSTrans Platform: Low Cost Transportation Data from Smartphones/Telecom Companies

MoSTrans Platform: Low Cost Transportation Data from Smartphones/Telecom Companies

Our group is also developing capacities in the following areas:

  • Transport Energy Demand Forecasting - Gompertz Curve Analysis
  • Benefits, Costs and Environmental Impacts of Vehicle Electrification
  • EV Deployment - Advanced Battery R&D for Indian vehicles
  • Vehicle Technology Design and Assessment - Powertrain Modeling

Percent Improvement in Fuel Consumption of Power-Split Hybrid over Conventional Vehicle


The US Department of Energy


Streetlight Data
Schatz Energy Center at Humboldt State University