Power Sector

Globally, the power sector has the largest emission footprint among all the energy consuming sectors. In emerging economies like India, demand for electricity is projected to quadruple over the next two decades. We focus on techno-economic assessments of clean energy options in the power sector, undertake scenario analysis of integration of these options, and assess policies and programs for facilitating their adoption.

Most of our current work is focused on the Indian power sector. We collaborate with several government agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations in our research, technical assistance, and capacity building activities.

Recent Work

Clean energy options integration in the Indian power sector: In collaboration with the Power Systems Operations Corporation/National Load Dispatch Center, India, we are assessing the technical feasibility and economic desirability of large scale renewable energy integration and associated transmission issues in India. We have assessed techno-economic wind potential in India, and showed that it is significantly higher than the previous estimates.

In collaboration with Prayas Energy Group, we supported the conceptualization and design of the first national level upstream incentive program for super-efficient appliances in India (the Super-Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP) of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India)

We support the development of demand side management (DSM) regulations issued by several state electricity regulatory commissions and model DSM regulations issued by the Forum of Regulators (FOR). We are working on several aspects of DSM programs at the state and national level including techno-economic assessments and program design options.

Wind Potential Estimates in India
for Different Hub Heights and Capacity Factors

Indian Wind Potential Estimates

Phadke A., R. Bharvirkar, and Khangrua J. (2012) "Reassessing Wind Potential Estimates for India: Economic and Policy Implications". LBNL-5077E


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The World Bank


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The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India
National Load Dispatch Center of India (Power System Operation Corporation Ltd)
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Regulatory Assistance Project
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