Emerging Energy-Efficient Technologies for Industry

TitleEmerging Energy-Efficient Technologies for Industry
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsWorrell, Ernst, Nathan C Martin, Lynn K Price, Michael Ruth, R. Neal Elliott, Anna Shipley, Jennifer Thorn
JournalEnergy Engineering
Date Published07/2002
ISSN0199-8595 (Print), 1546-0118 (Online)
Keywordsenergy efficiency, industrial energy analysis

U.S. industry consumes approximately 37% of the nation's energy to produce 24% of the nation's GDP. Increasingly, society is confronted with the challenge of moving toward a cleaner, more sustainable path of production and consumption, while increasing global competitiveness. Technology is essential in achieving these challenges. We report on a recent analysis of emerging energy-efficient technologies for industry, focusing on over 50 selected technologies. The technologies are characterized with respect to energy efficiency, economics and environmental performance. This paper provides an overview of the results, demonstrating that we are not running out of technologies to improve energy efficiency, economic and environmental performance, and neither will we in the future. The study shows that many of the technologies have important non-energy benefits, ranging from reduced environmental impact to improved productivity, and reduced capital costs compared to current technologies.

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