International Energy Studies Group
Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division



A world where energy needs are met sustainably and energy efficiency achieves its full potential.

To bring this vision into reality, the IES Group assists countries in identifying and utilizing clean energy resources and energy efficiency opportunities.


The Mexico Energy Initiative seeks to foster increased high impact, collaborative clean energy research and development between the US and Mexico that will benefit Mexico, California, the US, and the world.

The IES Group assists governments, utilities, and the private sector in analyzing and implementing policies and programs to improve the energy efficiency of appliances and equipment.

The International Energy Studies Group addresses the electricity, peak load, and emmisions challenges posed by growing cooling demand by research on the following research topics:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Demand Response
  • Alternate refrigerants

Globally, the power sector currently has the largest emission footprint among all the energy consuming sectors, while demand for electricity in emerging economies is projected to quadruple over the next two decades.

We focus on techno-economic assessments of clean energy options in the power sector, undertake scenario analysis of integration of these options, and assess policies and program for facilitating their adoption.


Our work seeks to promote and advance the evaluation of energy efficiency and clean energy policies and programs. Impact and process evaluations of such programs and policies are conducted to quantify impacts (e.g., kWh saved or CO2 emissions reduced), improve design, and improve implementation.


The IES Group has been working with Indian policymakers and industries for more than two decades. Our work includes reassessing the renewable energy potential in India, developing comprehensive models for optimal grid dispatch and capacity expansion, analyzing the financial and emissions impact of clean energy options for India, and assessing the potential for efficiency enhancement in the residential, industrial and buildings sector. 

We provide in-depth analysis of energy efficiency opportunities in energy-intensive industrial sectors (e.g., iron and steel, chemicals, petroleum refining, cement, aluminum, pulp and paper) within targeted countries.

More than 1.25 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity. Renewable energy-based off-grid and mini-grid solutions offer a significant opportunity to increase access to reliable electricity services. We focus on technical guidance and developing policy frameworks for mini-grid and off-grid solutions.

The IES Group's transportation work is a growing area of interest. We are developing various tools and modeling, analysis and design capacities to address the growing and complex needs of conventional, hybrid-electric and pure electric vehicles.